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West Linn Towing is here for you. If your vehicle has left you stuck by the side of the road thanks to a flat tire, overheating issues, faulty alternator or even just because it's out of gas, give us a call right now and  we'll move heaven and earth to get you picked up and back on the road!

It can sometimes seem there is nothing worse than being on your way to work or to see friends or family and your vehicle gives up, leaving you stranded by the side of the road.  Those tires you meant to change weeks ago? That battery you were going to get tested? The oil you were going to have changed?  Those things will always come back to bite you. But at West Linn Towing, we understand. 

We know that people are busy, that you have to work, with places to go to and things to do, so these priorities naturally get pushed down the list.

What Makes Us So Good?

We're Punctual

If you contact us at 3:15 PM on a Wednesday, we are not going to show up the next morning at 10:30 or later that evening at 8:00 PM. We know how important your time is, and we will move heaven and earth to get you as fast as is humanly possible!  

We're Reliable

If you're willing to put your trust in us by contacting us to come pick you up or tow your vehicle, we want to make good on that trust and actually show up. Believe it or not, there are companies out there that take their customers for granted and arrive late, or do not show up at all!

We Have The Tools For The Job

Our fleet of tow trucks and other equipment gives us more than enough capabilities to take care of any situation, no matter how far away you are, where you need to go, or what condition your vehicle is in. We will get you there!  

We Communicate

Another item on the list of unbelievable issues with towing companies is the inability to communicate effectively. We consider it a top priority for to respond to all calls and to communicate clearly and politely with our customers, as let's face it: it's good for business.

We Won't Drain Your Bank Account

You're already frustrated. On top of all the stress of having to get picked up, have your vehicle repaired and still get to where you're going, the tow shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg. West Linn OR offers some of the most competitive pricing in the Portland area.

We've Been There

We know what you're going through. Nobody likes to be stuck by the side of the road, and much less in an emergency or pressing situation. We get it. And it's that empathy and experience that we strive to pass on to our customers. 


We can run a basic engine diagnostics test on your vehicle


We'll tow your vehicle wherever you need it to go


We can get you back into your car if your key's inside


Let us change your flat tire for the spare or bring you to a shop

Car tire being inflated

Passenger Vehicle &  Commercial  Vehicle Towing

It's a familiar tale. We all plow through every day taking our vehicles for granted, and while we do our best to change the oil, swap out dirty filters, rotate the tires, and even throw in the occasional detail, it's not always enough to keep things running smoothly. The situations we find our customers in are at times beyond unfortunate. The older they get, the prone our vehicles become to letting us down in the most unlucky situations, such as:

  • On the way to work

  • On the school run (worst!)

  • On the way to an important meeting

  • On the way to the airport

  • On the way to the hospital when the waters break!

  • On a dark country road at night

  • In the middle of a storm

  • In a tunnel

  • On a major highway

And​ as much as we would love for these never to happen again, they are going to happen again. But do not fret! West Linn Towing is here for you. Give us a call at (503) 300-5442 and we will come and make things right. Our towing service and roadside assistance services are unrivalled in the local area and we want to put them to work for you! If you're searching for a "towing company", "tow truck near me", "towing service near me", "car towing", "roadside service" or something similar, give us a call!

​When you need a tow truck company, there is no time to waste. You want to get help as soon as possible so you can continue with your day without any more hassle than necessary. West Linn Towing has been in service for years and promises fast, efficient service at all times.

People might think that they don't need a tow truck company until their car breaks down and they're stuck by the side of the road. However, this could be avoided if drivers just made sure their cars were well-maintained and serviced regularly. Knowing when your car needs maintenance or repairs, before it actually breaks down, will save everyone a lot of frustration later on.

In other words, knowing the signs of wear and tear on your car will help prevent having to find a quality tow truck company in the first place. No one wants to be stuck by the side of the road when their car breaks down. It's better to take care of your car before it breaks, which means getting it serviced regularly for preventive maintenance.

West Linn Towing serves the south Portland area and can perform fast repairs on the spot, wherever you break down, at all times in order to get drivers back on the road as quickly as possible.

A brief history of towing

Vehicles have been broken down since they were invented - it's usually quite simple for a qualified mechanic to get them moving again. In circumstances requiring more complex repairs that cannot wait until the vehicle has been taken back to its base, or when damage renders the vehicle immobile but not irreparable tow trucks are called in to tow it away.

Tow trucks tow vehicles for a variety of reasons, although the vast majority of tows result from car accidents. Sometimes tow trucks will need to tow away other types of vehicles, so there's plenty of variety - even if the basic concept stays the same.

Most tow trucks have four wheels and can be driven on roads so they can get between jobs quickly - but some tow trucks are actually cranes mounted on flatbed lorries that need an extra driver to manage the crane while it's doing its job.

The crane not only allows heavy equipment to be lifted off the road safely, but also makes removing broken-down or crashed heavy machinery much safer than using conventional tow trucks that tow with ropes or chains.

Today tow trucks tow things, but the tow truck itself first emerged in the early 1900s. The first one was invented by an American, Joshua Rose, in 1907 in White Plains, New York. It wasn't long before the invention spread around America and to other parts of the world - most notably countries in Europe where cars were becoming commonplace with increasing speed on public roads.

A German inventor named Gottlieb Daimler also worked on tow trucks during this time, although his design is not widely known about today because his company merged with Karl Benz's business to become Mercedes-Benz in 1926.

Prior tow trucks were typically horse-drawn wagons that would tow vehicles with ropes. Motor vehicles, although heavy themselves thanks to the metal used for their construction, were lighter than horse-drawn wagons and tows had to be made longer or tow trucks would get stuck every time they tried to tow a car.

It didn't take long before tow trucks evolved from being towed behind horses for propulsion - modern tow trucks have moved beyond being just tow trucks - but they remain an important part of vehicle rescue operations and towing services even today.

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